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Build your own banking products with our API accessible banking as a service platform

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Illustration: Tech company with a banking license

Tech company with a banking license

solarisBank is a technology company with a German banking license. We enable other businesses to offer fully digital and fully compliant financial services to their end-customers. We combine a platform engineered like a startup with the regulatory expertise of a fully licensed bank - so our clients can truly focus on their core business.

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Our modular approach enables your business

We treat the banking services on our platform as building blocks, which our partners can mix and match to create banking services specifically tailored to their business model. These building blocks include bank accounts, KYC services, algorithmic scoring, transactions and even payment cards - all accessible via APIs.

Illustration: Our modular approach enables your business

Build your own banking product with our APIs

Our banking platform provides you with several RESTful APIs to build exactly the financial product your customers want.

Our simple and self-explanatory documentation will have you up and running in almost no time.

Depending on your businesses need, you can easily connect with our APIs for Accounts & Cards, Lending or Payments.

Our services
Build your own
  • Neobank
  • SME bank
  • Debit card
  • Giftcard
  • P2P payment product
  • Marketplace payment service
  • Consumer loan product
  • SME loan product
with our
  • Digital Banking & Cards
  • Payments
  • Lending

Why you should work with solarisBank



As a pure B2B2X platform, solarisBank is always a strictly neutral partner.

Speed & Flexibility

Speed & Flexibility

Our platform approach coupled with our startup mindset will reduce your time to market.

Modern tech stack

Modern tech stack

Our banking as a service platform has some of the most advanced RESTful APIs in the market.

Fully licensed bank

Fully licensed bank

We take care of every regulatory burden, so you can focus on creating the best possible product.

Trusted by innovators across various industries

"Since 2016, solarisBank offers us exactly the banking building blocks we need for our services: Digital bank accounts, transactions but also KYC processes. Building on the solarisBank platform, we have been able to launch our intelligent business account for freelancers very quickly – a target group that is still overlooked and not understood by traditional banks."

Christopher Plantener, CEO Kontist

"In addition to the technical expertise, we were also impressed by the platform approach of solarisBank. This combination allowed us to meet the technological and legal requirements in a very short period of time. Together, we created the perfect product for our business model, with cost-efficient processes that will have a positive impact on our success as a company."

Stephan Tieleman, Founder & CEO fashioncheque

"We’re excited to tap into the tremendous potential of the B2B factoring market. With a dynamic and innovative banking partner such as solarisBank, we are also able to offer a state-of-the-art factoring solution to B2C e-commerce companies."

Ralf Linden, Managing Director of Sales & Marketing UNIVERSUM Group

"As a digital fintech challenger you need a banking partner with a similar mindset as well as technological approach. We were excited to have found this partner in solarisBank."

Sebastian Diemer, CEO & Founder finiata

„With its fast processes and well-established technology, solarisBank is the ideal partner for us to implement our mission: To bring sustainable banking out of its niche."

Jakob Berndt, Co-Founder Tomorrow

“As Albaraka Turk we are proud and extremely excited to be Europe’s first interest-free digital bank thanks to solarisBank. solarisBank platform’s license enables us to be in line with all regulations and focus on building a product tailor-made for our target group."

Melikşah Utku, CEO Albaraka Turk

Developers + entrepreneurs + bankers = solarisBank

The multidisciplinary solarisBank team from 40+ nations combines startup engineers and entrepreneurs with seasoned banking and finance experts to create the perfect mix for a tech company with a banking license.

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